ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximun number of 10 people group.

The biodiversity in Colombia is equal to 20% of the entire world.

Take part in one of the most amazing Roadtrips that you can find, The Turn of the South. This marvelous trip of approximately 15 days invites you to go deep inside the south of the Colombian mountains. This is a magical place where the three Cordilleras (three mountain chains) and the Magdalena River, both of which cross the country from south to north, originate. In our tour we will come across ancient and still unknown indigenous vestiges that remain a mystery for archeologists, impressive canyons with 400mt (1,312ft) tall waterfalls and semi desert ecosystems with spectacular clear nights full of bright shining stars.
We will travel together until The End of the World, where the majestic Amazonian jungle begins in Putumayo Region, and on to then climb through the mountains from 400mts (1,312ft) to a height of 3200mts (10,499ft) above the sea level in just few hours, following old and twisted roads opened by military engineers in the 1930s.

This tour will allow us to arrive to a land of ancestral Volcanos and Paramos, full of different kind of greens, home of Frailejones, the Condor of the Andes, as well as beautiful lagoons.

ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximun number of 10 people group.

Double accommodation (two single beds or a double bed for couples), including breakfast. Check for smaller sized group prices.

Single room, extra charge 28USD.

This trip includes: accommodation, breakfast* in all locations (continental: coffee or juice, fruits, eggs, and bread), basic day activities (BDA), (accompanied visits to main spots), private transport including driver and the Explorer Leader. **

*The Rest of the meal prices are: Plate of the day: 3,6 USD to 6,2 USD, or from the menu: between 7 USD to 15,5 USD.

**BDA is a 155 USD portion of the total cost that is flexible. In other words, these are activities or meals that can be changed on site, or even refunded if one of the activities is cancelled to stay at the hotel.


Comfortable clothes suitable for a tropical jungle. Protection from cold weather in the mountains as we will visit places over 2600mts (8,530ft) in height with a temperature of less than 8 Cº (46 F°) plus the wind chill factor.



Arrive in Bogota. Accommodation at local hotel before departing early the next day on the roadtrip.

Return to Bogota and country of origin.


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