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The biodiversity in Colombia is equal to 20% of the entire world.

Are you one of those how usually believe that for experiencing the jungle has to travel to The Amazon? This adventure wants to invite you to break down that stereotype!. Dare yourself to explore the incredible jungles of the east of Antioquia, between the towns of: San Francisco, El Carmen, Sonsón and Argelia. Taking the road that from Medellin takes us to Bogota, and just 2 hours and a half from the first we find San Francisco, a small and simple peasant’s town nestled in the jungle mountains of the east of Antioquia,  which will serve us as entrance to the deepest secrets that this vast forest hides inside its well preserved area of at least 30 to 40 square kilometres of pure tropical jungle, without roads, any type of towns or extensive crops, only connected by ancient trails into the mountains and crossed by pristine water rivers, that just until ten years ago was not possible to visit because it was one of the strongholds of FARC in Antioquia, and that today thanks to the disappearance of this group in the area and the humanitarian demining task that the government, the army and some international NGOs has done over the past 5 years, today we can enjoy its wildlife as well as its geography.

This jungle area of Antioquia is one of those last mega-biodiversity refuges barely studied by the science in this country, as Von Humboldt Institute has catalogued it recently . Its steep mountains that can vary between 800 to 3100 meters above the sea level serves as home to The Verdes Rivers, The Melcocho River, The Sonsón Páramo at la Vieja Peak and the Murringo pre hispanic trail, one of the most unknown and well preserved in Antioquia, as well as an exuberant fauna and flora are some of the innumerable natural attractive that we can enjoy throughout the adventure we can live into these jungles.

All the Images used for this page were provided by: Erwin Ramírez and Marcelo Jaramillo R. 

ASK US FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximum number up to 10 people.

All trips include: Explorer Leader, local guide, Insurance, private transport from and until Medellin,all three meals, lodging at selected local farmers houses along the trail. Ask for the mule option.

Limited space so please make your reservation in advance. Minimum with one month.

This trip can be personalized, for hiking or horseback riding. Between 3 main trail, for 3 to 5 day. Murringo Trail, Melcocho River Trail and Aquitania Trail.


You should be vaccinated against yellow fever at least 15 days before your trip. Bring comfortable and quick drying clothes for tropical weather in the jungle , where we can face high temperatures (35 C° / 95F°) as well as high humidity (More than 80%). Protection against insects, sun cream. A personal first aid kit and plenty of liquid for keeping hydrated.



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