ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximun number of 10 people per group.

Although Colombia is 10 times smaller than Brazil it has nearly the same amount of plants, around 55,000 species!

The Mavecure Hills are located in one of the most remote regions of Colombia in the Guainia province. Three stunning 800 meter rocks rise above the Colombian Amazon and the majestic Inírida River, and are part of the Escudo Guayanés, one of the oldest geological formations of the planet present in the north-eastern part of the Amazon.

This is a magical excursion through the most beautiful rivers of the Amazon, where visitors will have the chance to sleep by the Mavecure Hills, climb to one of the summits, bathe in the Jungle Rivers, meet the indigenous communities and observe the biological and cultural diversity of this beautiful and wild territory.

ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximun number of 10 people per group.

This trip includes: Explorer Leader for the whole journey, insurance, river and land transport, three meals a day, lodging with local communities in shared rooms, and day activities. Private rooms are available at an extra charge.

Not included: air tickets to Puerto Inirida. (Average cost between 600.000 COP to 700.000 COP per person).

Flights are limited so please make your reservation in advance.

This trip can be personalized.


Bring comfortable and quick drying clothes for tropical weather in Amazonian jungle, where we can face high temperatures (35 C° / 95F°) as well as high humidity. Protection against insects, sun cream, a personal first aid kit and plenty of liquid for keeping hydrated.



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