ASK US FOR THE PRICE! 5 day trip. maximum number up to 10 people.

Colombia is also known as the “1,000 rhythms country”, you can find 1,025 catalogued musical rhythms, and at least 30 are famous such as, Vallenato, Cumbia, Bambuco, Porro, etc.

Lets go to enjoy a 4 to 5-day expedition in this unique and incredible landscape of Guaviare. Formed between the regional borders of the Orinoquia Flat lands, and the Colombian Amazon Jungle. Located precisely at the heart of the mostly unexplored and almost forgotten part of Colombia due to the presence of illegal armed groups in the last decades. Nowadays, it is much safer, permitting this amazing land to opens its doors for us to explore in a sustainable way.

This land is graced by amazing protruding rock formations, full of labyrinths, natural bridges and rivers that flow over the plain rock, forging a path alongside a single reddish stone slab. These slabs are where you will find the stunning Macarenia Clavigera, the famous endemic and delicate plant which changes its colour to red in the second semester of the year in the same manner as Caño Cristales.

We can visit the three following different landscapes at the same time in very short distance: The Orinoquia flat lands, the Amazon jungle and the Serrania landscape. This region contains a wide variety of flora y fauna, boasting an exuberant biodiversity.

The unique Serrania formations will allow us to see endemic flora species as well some big rock murals in which recently, scientists discovered rock pictograms made by local indigenous cultures estimated to be around 20,000 years old.

Later we will end up having the possibility of going to a natural communitarian local reserve inside the jungle. Due to the long term protection and respect for the animals and the environment promoted here, animals are extremely easy to observe as we arrive in to a lake from the Guaviare river.

We will have the chance to swim here and see from very short distance (without interfering with their habitat) the Amazon pink dolphins who live in the lake inside the jungle and its natural environment.

These types of experiences are only possible in the unbelievably diverse lands of Guaviare!

Come and explore them with us!

ASK US FOR THE PRICE! 5 day trip. maximum number up to 10 people. Departure Point: Bogota.

Included: air ticket, private transport with driver and Explorer Leader, all three meals, accommodation in a local hotel at San Jose, day activities like Hiking to different places, etc.


Comfortable clothes for hiking in Jungle, during wet weather days with temperatures during the day between 20Cº or 68 Fº and 35Cº or 95Fº and at night between 17Cº or 63Fº and 20Cº or 68Fº. High posibilities of rain.



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