ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximun number of 10 people.

The biodiversity in Colombia is equal to 20% of the entire world.

Caño Cristales is one of those destinations that you don’t want to miss, it is an amazing marvel of nature. Caño Cristales is a small river coming down La Macarena Sierra which is part of a very unique region. Its rock Quartzite is part of the Guyanan Shield,one of the most ancient geological formations in the world with more than 1.2 billion years old. Is famous for the Macarena Clavigera, a unique aquatic plant which lives in this river that spans 100kms, and changes its colour into red only once a year between July and November, and then turns into green again, as if it was starting to hibernate until the next year.
This amazing expedition will take you to a small chain of mountains with a unique ecosystem. There is no better day during that established season to see the river and its colors, maybe at the end of October and November it will start to change the colors again. The Colours can vary and the water level, the climate and the sunlight.

ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximun number of 10 people.

This trip includes: Explorer Leader for the whole journey, insurance, river and land transport, three meals a day, Accommodations at La Macarena Hotels. A/C is available for an additional cost.

Not included: air tickets to La Macarena. (That will cost 650.000 COP per person). Tourism contribution, to the local government of de La Macarena (37.000 COP/per person). Airport tax (6.000 COP/per person). Entrance to the NNP, Foreigners: 87.000 pesos (per person).

Flights are limited so please make your reservation in advance. Minimum with one month.

This trip can be personalized.

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You should be vaccinated against yellow fever at least 15 days before your trip. Bring comfortable and quick drying clothes for tropical weather in the jungle, where we can face high temperatures (35 C° / 95F°) as well as high humidity. Protection against insects, sun cream (Be aware that this one cannot be used inside the Caño Cristales and Cristalinos trail). a personal first aid kit and plenty of liquid for keeping hydrated.



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