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Colombia is also known as the “1,000 rhythms country”, you can find 1,025 catalogued musical rhythms, and at least 30 are famous such as, Vallenato, Cumbia, Bambuco, Porro, etc.

Let yourself amaze and come to discover with us one of the last frontiers of the nature and the biodiversity in Colombia. El Peñon, Santander, let’s go and visit this little town at 2100meters above the sea level, with its unique and beautiful landscape at the south of Santander, where just about 5 hours by car from Bogota and from the hand of experts in geology and speleology we will discover the magic of its Karstic landscape.

All this area of the west side of the East chain of the Colombian Andes is rich in calcareous formation that mixed with a leafy humid mountain forest allows us to enjoy a unique landscape, where caves abound per dozens and its possible to find in this area the biggest and the oldest of its kind in Colombia, creating a complex and strange ecosystem which even that we note that is green, rich and humid we cannot see the rivers crossing the mountains, because the waters are only flowing underground, snaking along the intricate maze that this karstic landscape has created looking like a giant cheese. We are going to have the accommodation at a local farmers house and from there we are going to visit several places during the day, like caves, forests and amazing rocky formations!.

ASK US FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximum number up to 10 people. Departure Point: To agree, at Bogota or Medellin.

All packages include private transport with driver and Explorer Leader, all three meals (home made), accommodation in a local farmers cottage, espeleology expert, day activities like hiking into the Carstic Forest, Hiking to different caves, etc.


Comfortable clothes for hiking in moody trails, during wet and chilli weather days with temperatures during the day between 16Cº or 64.4 Fº and 24Cº or 75.2Fº and at night between 4Cº or 39.2Fº and 8Cº or 46.4Fº. High posibilities of rain.




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