A genuine and unique opportunity as we are working with locals, which is the best way to see a new place as they share their world with you.

Quality, as our trips are designed for you to live the best experience possible at a fair price.

Reliability we will NEVER cancel your trip due to a minimum size travel group.

Colombia and its experiences first hand enjoying life on the road

Amusement, our new way to travel is different, alternative and more realistic. You will get to know one of the “best and new destinations” according to Lonely Planet.

Friendship, with others who want to join you in this experience

Comfort and adventure, you always will have enough comfort to enjoy every new experience with energy.

Relaxation, release yourself from the load of fixing every logistical detail of going to a new place. Just enjoy every experience that we help you to discover.

Surprises, we love to take care of you and plan the best interactive vacations for you, let us surprise you!

Like at you are at home, because your EXPLORER LEADER, more than being your guide, wants to be a solid companion on your trip.

Creativity, our greatest purpose is to please you and we work every day to be creative and bring you a new adventures.

Hospitality is just amazing in the local communities that we visit, which is why we want to help them by supporting their local economy, encourage their leaders, and help their communities become developing agents.

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