This tour is designed for learning in a interactic and detailed way about the city, mostly for those who know nothing about Medellín. And this way enjoy your time with Medellín day Trips.

If we take the city tour this will cover the basics of Medellín, the Golden Mille, the Nutibara hill, the city centre, the Berrio Park, Botero Square, North Carabobo area and one cable car tour. This tour may have variations in the route, like visiting Ayacucho and Buenos Aires area, the metropolitan Cathedral, or visiting, Bolivar or Junín Passage in the city centre.

Variations can be according to the interest of the clients.

Guadalupe Falls Day Trip


This is a daytrip that departs from Medellin at 9AM picking you at the hotel.

The Idea is to take the road that leaves Medellin to the North in direction to Carolina del Principe, a small and well preserved colonial town that two and a half hours later will receive us to take our lunch and walk around it a Little bit to see and learn more about the local culture. After this we will continue north to arrive 20 minutes later to Guadalupe falls, an amazing waterfall of 261 meters’ height that forms a beautiful canyon with incredible landscape, we will approach the waterfall from the top part of the canyon by a Teleferic built in the 50´s to see and enjoy the place. The idea is to walk a little bit around the area of the waterfall enjoy the area and learn how the water from this place is used for hydroelectrical purposes. In the afternoon we will return back to the city of Medellín.

Reserves can be accepted at last with 24 hours before departing for the tour.

Duration: 8Hours.

Guatapé Roadtrip

Full day tour to Guatapé town. We will visit this picturesque and colourful traditional town of the east of Antioquia, located at 85kms aprox. from Medellín, its incredible natural landscape, surrounded by this man-made lake for hydroelectrical purposes and this natural giant, the Peñol Rock, lying a side of the lake with its 200mts height we can climb this monolith with a stairway of 649 steps. Dare yourself to do it! Duration 8 Hours aprox.


Far Southeast Roadtrip

(El Retiro-La Ceja-La Unión-Sonson)

In this Roadtrip we will depart from the hotel at 830AM and our idea is to enjoy the road that conducts us to Sonson, our final destination, which is a colonial well preserved town from the southeast of Antioquia, on the way there is some incredible stories to learn in other towns like El Retiro, or we can try some very delicious local delights on the go and we can visit amazing waterfalls like the 80mts el Buey waterfall in la Ceja. This is an off the beaten path trip to see a different area of Antioquia and through it to learn more about the history and local traditions and enjoy the amazing landscapes of this less visited part of Antioquia. In the afternoon and returning to the city we will stop in a restaurant in which we could try more than 100 different types of local made chesses with a nice coup of wine and some other local delights.

Silleteros Farm Tour:

Silleteros is a tradition from the flowers Fair of Medellín, this takes place every year on the first week of August, it´s main event is the Silleteros parade:  farmers from a nearby Medellin rural area called Santa Helena that walk around the streets of the city wearing traditional costumes and carrying in their backs a big wooden structure holding very beautiful arranges of local native and amazing flowers. The idea of this tour is to visit one of the farms of this Silleteros in Santa Helena, and learn more about the history and culture that surrounds this beautiful tradition! To get there we will go out of the city to the east, aprox. One hour, the location of the farm is at 2500mts ABSL so is a little bit colder than Medellin.

Duration: 4 hours.


Coffee Farm Experience Full Day or Half day

This tour is about going out from the city and visit (can be half day as well) a coffee plantation in a very beautiful rural area of Antioquia, Fredonia, the idea is to learn from first-hand how is the process of the Colombian Coffee and why is this the best coffee in the world. To get there we will take 2 hours trip to the farm in a nearby town. We will take secondary roads and we will use local ¨ Chivas ¨ which are the local taxi (old 4X4s) to get until the house in the hills. We will visit this familiar farm which by 4 generations has been involved in coffee production and we will share with them the entire day.

Includes private transport with driver, tour guide, local guide, home-made typical Breakfast. (Arepa, (corn cake) hot chocolate) and typical lunch. (ask for veggie option), full day tour, coffee tasting.

Duration:9 hours.

*The half they option is in a different farm, and will include a snack instead of the breakfast.

*We can arrange as well a coffee tasting experience with a local coffee roaster in the city if you might prefer. 

The History of the Transformation of Medellín

We will visit some neighbourhoods of the city, poor neighbourhoods that historically have been under a lot of pressure by the gangs and the violence, and today they are in positive transformation. Is safe to visit and is nice to see. We will see how the local social investment from the local government and the will of the locals has been key to the development of the place, how most of the local young people lately has been more interested in art and culture than in been part of a gang, and how the art murals have been decorating in a marvellous way the neighbourhoods. This way we will see the change which is still going in the city. (Optional:  During this day we can do a visit to the Museum House of the Memory, which is a very good option to learn more about the violent past of the city.

Duration: 4 hours.

Santa Fe de Antioquia Tour

Departing early at 9 in the morning we will go out from the city 70kms to the west aprox. To visit the former capital of Antioquia, this is a small and very well preserved colonial town from the XVI century that has many nice stories to tell. To get there we will take one hour and a half. The idea is to walk around it´s cobble stone streets, see the well preserved colonial architecture while we learn more about the history of Antioquia, we will try some local exotic fruits typical from this area, to finally visit the very famous gold Filigree tradition of some families in this town.

Duration: 6 hours.

Trekking Around the Mountains of Medellín

For going to this place we will meet us at the Envigado metro station nearby the southtourniquets, at 8:30 from there we will take the integrated bus which will take us until our starting point 20 minutes later.


Colombia is also known as the “1,000 rhythms country”, you can find 1,025 catalogued musical rhythms, and at least 30 are famous such as, Vallenato, Cumbia, Bambuco, Porro, etc.

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