Let yourself be seduced by the explorative nature of a Roadtrip
A Roadtrip is a tour by land in a private vehicle that will tell you stories as well as take you to enjoy amazing places in the company of a friend who already knows all the ins-and-outs of the places that we will visit, ready to live the experience on the road with you, a partner for the trip and someone you can trust.
With thousands of kilometers ahead, a Roadtrip tells us its stories through the dream landscape and the exuberant and changing vegetation of the different and distinct regions that you will cross.This trip takes you to some virgin and lesser known and visited places around the country that still preserve their natural and local charm. Do you want to GO EXPLORE them with us? This is a flexible trip, allowing you to deviate a bit from the overall itinerary in order to further experience something that has stood out along the way. Or, if the raw beauty and nature of the Colombian landscape has overloaded your senses, you can feel free to just let our guides know that you want to spend some extra time chilling in a hammock, not worrying about having to adjust the logistics. More than anything, we want you to be able enjoy your excursion in a stress free environment!

Guajira Road Trip. 5 days-trip

Dare yourself to enter into the depth of the most hidden places of this beautiful and huge country with Expeditions using a larger variety of activities during the trip to improve the experience.
Let yourself wade into an unknown world that awaits you!
We will take you to live amongst and come in contact with the local communities as you will encounter unique and interesting animals as well as unknown places that are sure to remain engrained in your memory.

Caño Crystales 4 days Expedition trip.

Come and conquer the highest peaks of the northern part of South America, with Mountaineering, specially designed for the most daring adventurers.
Mountaineering is the perfect experience for those who enjoy hiking and climbing as their way of discovering the world below them with the incredible sensation of step by step, absorbing what the beautiful and rugged landscapes have to tell you.
Challenge yourself to conquer and enjoy mountains with a height of 5000mts (16,400 ft) where you will encounter endless changing landscapes along the trails, from tropical jungles to perpetual glaciers, the owners of the last snowed peaks in the northern part of South America.

Tolima Peak Summit 4 days Trek

Come and meet amazing places through our Treks.
We want to you to GO EXPLORE destinations out of the typical commercial package, and truly see the awe inspiring natural beauty of Colombia! These routes on foot awaken your curiosity as an adventurer, and will make you want to continue further. Step by step you will discover on these trails the secrets of the most exuberant mountains.
We have designed different types of Treks for you according to your personal experience, physical level and the difficulty of the terrain. We have Treks for thrill seekers of all skill levels ranging from short 2 hour routes all the way to 5 days Treks exploring through the jungles and mountains. Just make your choice!

Cocuy National Park 4 days Expedition.





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