Trip Type

Tourist: This trip is for relaxing, having fun or both. The type of activities included do not require any sort of physical preparation. It is available for all types of people and all ages.

Active: This type of journey means a certain type of physical effort as well as physical preparation is needed. This is the first of the Active levels, so only basic and low physical preparation is required.

Sportive-Active: These types of trips are more physically demanding. You need to be mentally and physically prepared for long range routes of some sort of adventure sport. You should be in good physical shape.

Expedition: Adventure trips which require varying physical levels of fitness. They are only suitable for well-prepared people, and you may face some uncertainness due to time or weather in the trip location. Some situations will require mental as well as physical strength.

Activity Level

1: For people with physical disabilities.

2: For people who have never done any sort of physical exercise.

3: For people who have done some exercise in the past but may have spent the last 2 years not moving a finger.

4: For people who exercise from time to time throughout the year, but in general are in good physical condition, good health and have travelling experience. You might face some minor effort activities on the trip, usually not longer than one hour per day.

5: For people who exercise every month of the year but not necessarily with great regularity. People with good health and travelling experience. You will face every day activities which require average physical effort, such as short treks, or other types of activity which are not longer than 2 to 3 hours a day during the trip.

6: For people who like to do exercise, even with some discontinuity during the year, and are in good physical shape and good health. Those who have travelling experience, as well as camping experience. You can face 17kms (11Milles) hikes in one day, and changes in altitude of 800mts (265Ft) height at least once a week.

7: For people who exercise 3 to 4 times a week, are in good physical shape, have experience in adventure sports, as well as experience of camping for periods of 3 to 5 days. You can face a 20km (12mile) hike every day for 4 days with changes in altitude of 900mts (290Fts) or more. You know your rhythm, as well as how your body performs in difficult weather conditions.

8: The same characteristics as 7, plus technical knowledge of some adventure sports.

9: Para deportistas especializados, rutas diseñadas específicamente para alto rendimiento, entrenamientos y turismo deportivo de alto nivel solo bajo pedido.

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