ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximum number of 10 people.

ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximum number of 10 people.

Colombia has 84 different indigenous cultures

Come with us to the hallucinating landscape of the only desert on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, located next to one of the most iconic places in the world, The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Guajira is a magical place, where the Wayuu traditions get mixed with its particular and surprising nature. Surrounded by incredible jungles and beautiful beaches, you will be able to find archaeological vestiges, bordered by majestic glaciers above 5000mts (16,404ft) peaks.

The trip includes a tour full of clear and beautiful nights, plants that struggle to survive in this dry and mysterious land, where you are accompanied by the sound of the wind moving the sand between the bushes along the desert and the stars in the sky.

This is something that you don’t want to miss!

ASK FOR OUR PRICES!. Maximum number of 10 people.

trip includes: pick up and land transport from Riohacha and along the entire route, accommodation in Chinchorros (Wayuu traditional hammock) and all three meals. Driver and Explorer Leader.

Traditional accommodation will cost an additional 28 USD


Comfortable clothes for dry and high temperatures in the desert. If possible long sleeves for protection from the sun, Hiking boots for hot weather and sand and Hat.




Arrive in Riohacha, free time to walk the city centre and the pier. Accommodation that night at a local lodge in the city.


Pick up early at 8am to depart to Alta Guajira. On the way there, we will visit the Manaure salt flats. Lunch on the road near Uribia. After lunch, we will continue on the road to the lodge where we are going to spend the following two nights at Honda Bay near Gallinas Point.  We are going to sleep there at a local rancheria using chinchorros ( a local type of hammock) in a  local house of the native Wayuu people of Guajira.  Free time after arriving to look around the place.


We will depart early to nearby Gallinas Point to see the most northerly point of South America After this, we will visit the Taroa dunes to enjoy the magic 50 meter high sand dunes of Taroa beach, enjoy the beach, the landscape, and the beautiful sunset.


Before leaving Honda bay, we will take a boat trip around the place to see the mangrove and its birdlife. The car will pick up us at the other side of the bay to continue the trip to Cabo de la Vela, where we are going to spend another night in another Wayuu Rancheria. On our arrival we are going to pass the afternoon visiting places close to el Cabo like Pilon de Azucar, the beautiful beaches nearby, to see the sunset from the cape later.


We are going to have time in the morning to enjoy the beach as well as the area. We leave after midday to Riohacha to take a flight back to Bogota.


We are going to take the road again to arrive in Nazareth in the afternoon. This is another town in the north of Guajira, from where we are going to visit NNP Macuira, which is a small chain of mountains in the desert that remains like an oasis because of its strange combination of forest, wildlife and desert.


From Riohacha we can make a one day trip to see the Flamingo Natural Sanctuary, and spend the day there watching the birdlife and then coming back to the city.


We will do some easy treks to explore the Sierra in Macuira. Here we can experience a unique type of forest that can only be found in this ecosystem, and we can even climb one of the hills to enjoy the view of the surrounding area.


Leaving Macuira, we are going to take a different road, which is near the Venezuelan border, to visit the small town of Puerto Lopez, which is now abandoned and has been swallowed by the desert. Puerto Lopez was once an active commercial harbour infamous for the contraband that entered the country early in the 60s and 70s. We are going to spend the night in a rancheria on the road.


This is the last day to return to Riohacha and take the flight back to Bogota.

Key Info

  • On the 6 day trip, you add to the basic 5 day trip, the visit to Flamingos Natural Sanctuary.
  • The 8 day trip includes the visit to Macuira National Park.
  • Every trip can be personalized.
  • Accommodation can vary depending on the season, the availability, and the necessities of each client.
  • On the 8 day trip, the order of the places to visit changes. First the Flamingo Sanctuary, then Cabo de la Vela, then Gallinas Point, and Nazareth, with the way back through Puerto Lopez, La Flor de La Guajira and Riohacha.


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